The Hanalex Jacket

Ticket jackets reach all passengers who check in at the ticket counter or at the curb.

Customers will see your logo and message when looking at the jacket to review their travel information before and during their trip. Plus, with the ID holder, they will examine the jacket more often.

The jacket has been tested and in circulation for over a year. Travelers like the jacket. There are nearly fourteen million in circulation currently. The feedback from the travelers has been very positive. One traveler remarked that the jacket was “inspired." Airline passengers spend a large majority of their traveling time waiting for something: security lines, sitting in the boarding area, waiting for connections, waiting for luggage, etc. Advertisers on our jacket can take advantage of that with airport promotions, contests or web searches.

The jacket could include special pricing, coupons, 2 for 1 specials etc. What better “tactile” way to provide an incentive to visit your company. Whether in person or on the web..

To make the promotion even more enticing, the coupon/special could be printed with”hidden" ink. Viewable with a special colored Mylar "lens" on the ID holder. Once the user removes the coupon from the back of the jacket, they would slide it into the ID holder. The pocket would then reveal the "prize" or discount. Coding numbers or bar codes would identify the prize to the company. This makes the promotion interactive and provides the traveler with something to do.

The objective of Hanalex Corporation and our line of EZ View products is to enter an untapped market, demonstrate, promote and sell our line of patent pending products. In addition to selling products direct, we have entered into several licensing agreements with major airlines, distributors and printing companies. Our patent also covers image digitization. Imagine being able to identify a traveler by what they look like and what they are wearing on the day of travel. If their looks change while at the airport, there is a reason to question them. Our system would also be able to ID underage travelers, down to the clothes they are wearing.

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