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Our customers represent an affluent market that demands quality and convenience. Listed below are various travel-related media you can use to advertise your product or service with maximum exposure to our customers. Ticket jackets put your message in the hands of well-heeled travelers. The ticket jacket holds the required documents for each traveler and must be referred to several times during each trip. Check-in, security and at the gate. Each time, the traveler is reminded of your message.

Hanalex provides ticket jackets for America West, Spirit, USA 3000 and TransMeridian Airlines. Hanalex also has advertising and promotional agreements in place with Greyhound, Amtrak and most major airlines. Plus we have established relationships for specific product placements, sampling and specialty advertising with many travel enterprises.

Hanalex offers sampling programs, in-flight opportunities, flight magazines, on-board advertising and retail/promotional programs. One advertiser coordinated a ticket ad with new sales in the retail stores of the travel company. For another we created an ad placed directly where the client would use the product. We were able to obtain approval for a digestive product signage inside the lavatory! Several advertisers have used our connections to get them into a particular airline or travel company. Hanalex is well suited to handle your specific requirements.

for details on all of the programs that we can put together for your organization.

Flat Size 8.5”H x 16”W
Folded Size 8.5”H x 4”W
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