The Concept & History of the Hanalex Jacket

The events of September 11th greatly affected today's air travel. While the process has become more or less routine, some areas have yet to be improved.

As part of the efforts to better the safety of air travel, the government has instituted several new policies. The one that has had the greatest impact on travelers is the requirement of additional ID checks. This requirement, in addition to random searches, is one of the reasons travelers are spending 45 minutes or more to clear security.

Part of the solution to this problem along with ability to enhance security is the primary focus of Hanalex Corporation. Our new line of products will make it easier to clear security and keep possession of all important identification papers, speed up check-in, security and boarding and provide a means to increase security in the near future.


The purpose of the holder is to make it easier to identify a traveler as they pass through the various checkpoints of an airport and to speed up that process. Initially we envision that the holder will be secured to the inside of the ticket jacket along with the traveler's tickets, boarding passes and luggage tags. The intent is that the traveler can hand the entire contents to a "checkpoint" officer, and they will scan the information and remove the tickets, etc. if necessary. The traveler is then relieved of the duty of securing their ID in a separate location, handing it to the guard, reclaiming it and re-securing it in a separate location. The ID is not permanently affixed to the badge holder or the ticket jacket, but could be if the traveler prefers. It could be placed on the inside or outside of the jacket and several of these holders could be attached to a single ticket jacket.

Additionally the holder can be used as an advertising medium. The holders are inexpensive to produce and could easily be given away to travelers by several different entities at numerous points inside the airport. Travel agencies, airlines, airports, internet travel sites, transportation companies, rentals companies, etc. could all use the holders as a means to place their product line in front of the traveling public for pennies per selected customer exposure.

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