Hanalex Ticket Jacket Sponsorship

Our Ticket Jacket Sponsorship is an opportunity for you to position your message and brand on the ticket jackets of several major airlines and transportation organizations. Ticket jackets are direct extensions of each of these organizations. Ticket jackets are envelopes that hold all relevant travel information and are just one of several ways to market your products to the travel industry via Hanalex Corporation. A patent pending version of our ticket jacket has several enhancements that make it more valuable to an advertiser. First and foremost, it’s different.

Ticket jackets today serve a basic purpose, organize and inform the traveler. This one has an extra feature, the ID holder. Second, because it holds a traveler’s ID, the jacket is much more important to the traveler. Therefore the traveler may examine the jacket frequently and be exposed to the advertisement more often. Third, the pocket creates a space for an advertiser to offer a coupon, discount card, frequent buyer card, etc. Since a “premium” can be attached to the jacket at the printer, there’s no extra work for the airline. The jacket can also be made such that a coupon could be removed from the jacket for redemption.

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Patent Pending
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